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Thread: vb.net ... why bother?

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    Question vb.net ... why bother?

    I have spent the last 4 months converting my project from VB6 to vb.net and expect it to take almost to the end of 2014 to complete the conversion.

    Then I may have to convert the parts written in C++ and asm to run on the latest version of Visual C++

    At which point, it will run at about half the speed of the vb6 version. So what took 100 hours of computation may well take 200 hours.

    I have done this because all the propaganda tells me that I should. And because I am concerned that at some point in the future Microsoft will abandon vb6

    But, I notice that right now on this forum there are 174 people looking at vb6 and only 55 looking at vb.net. Other forums show similar viewing patterns - far more people looking at a deceased product than the new exciting future ...

    Am I wasting a year of my life?

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    Re: vb.net ... why bother?

    Am I wasting a year of my life?
    Well it depends upon the definition of 'wasting'. Think of the fun you're having doing the conversion.
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    Re: vb.net ... why bother?

    The question is.. how many years have you already wasted?

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    Re: vb.net ... why bother?

    Quote Originally Posted by wavering View Post
    Am I wasting a year of my life?
    Yours seems to be quite a common problem because Microsoft even has a resource center dedicated to upgrading legacy VB6 code. There are some tools available to ease the pain. Some are free, at least to a certain extent,


    Although the proposition may seem rediculous today I can predict with 100% certainity that at some point in the future also VB.NET will be dropped for something new and fancy. And in fact since Mr. Gates has left the building the chance this will happen sooner rather than later has increased dramatically. Your porting effort will have been wasted and you will be back on square one once again.

    The lesson I think is to avoid getting stuck with company specific technologies in the first place. For your current VB6 code it's probably the right path to convert but for new projects I would recommend a more "future-proof" approach. Instead of jumping onto some company bandwaggon promoting the fad of the day, look for more open alternatives and upgrade continously as the technologies evolve not to get stuck in a time-capsule. It may be a little more work along the way but it usually pays off big time in the end.
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