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    E-XD++ Real Time Graphics Visualization component library for C/C++, .NET 2014

    Industrial control, SCADA, HMI configuration, simulation, modeling, source code, automated management, HMI control, Visualization component library for C/C++, .NET 2014
    - E-XD++ Visualization Suite is a truly unique development and runtime source code kit that incorporates all the tools users need to create a very professional "Full Customized" SCADA HMI Applications, dashboards and OEE interfaces. E-XD++ is also a powerful collection of automation tools that provide all the automation building blocks to develop HMIs, SCADA systems and embedded instrumentation solutions. All functions can be extended, all the Complete VC ++ source code for will be shipped!

    Industrial control, SCADA, automation management applications are a major category, E-XD++ Visualization Source Code Kit is a 100% Visual C++ / MFC based Vector Graphics ToolKit, it ships with complete source codes, it contains the most popular vector graphics design features, basically, if you want to build any HMI & SCADA based applications, It supports SVG Importing and Exporting. DXF Importing and Exporting, XML Loading and Sving, ArcGis Shape Loading And Sving. The VBScript & JavaScript is used for action controlling of any shapes on the canvas. E-XD++ fully developed using VC + + platform for high-performance component library, built on the application of the full set of these solutions, the design mode and direct mode of operation Built-in, as well as directly through the VC + + for any operation to fully customize and extend the performance of any script can not do alone will save you a lot of development time, this solution has been in the coal, mining, power , military, energy, aviation, urban management and other fields is widely used. Solution module security, stability, and reliable. It will be the best choice for building your own "Full Customized" HMI based software, you do not event need to write one line of code, a very professional and complete functional HMI application is created, it will saves you at least 70% of building time and a lot of money.
    Below is an example of industrial pipes and fluid flow:

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    . Support the complex gradient fills, image fills and other fill patterns to create a variety of simulation, industrial control, configuration graphics provides the most convenient means.

    . All graphics are built-in timer function, you can start at any time, free to control the movement frequency.

    . You can copy any graphic way by pasting into the left side of the tool box window, you can drag and drop graphics directly into the canvas.

    . Built-in design mode and run mode, in the design mode, which allows only editing graphics, and in the run mode, only motor function for graphics or interactive events, you can develop two procedures, a job only In the design mode, the other only in Run mode.

    . The provision of professional XML handling classes to facilitate the release of information or data with the exchange.

    . Canvas size freely defined.

    . Improve the printing control system built-in functions, without writing a single line of code to select the printer, set the print paper, control orientation, set page margins and so on.

    . Support multi-layer display.

    . Support the drawing auxiliary lines.

    . Graphics are set for each individual virtual keyboard and mouse control functions, can handle any mouse click, double click, mobile and other interactive events.

    . Supports rotate text at any angle, and the WYSIWYG text entry.

    . Using shared GDI device that will extend the performance to the extreme, can accommodate tens of thousands in the same pixel in the canvas at the same time to complete editing.

    . The system default page jump, file loading, sending mail, open Web pages and other interactive events, by covering the corresponding virtual function makes it easy to add new interactive events.

    . Full support for the creation of complex graphics can be any combination of simple graphics to complex composite graphics.

    . Support any complex polygon operations, including the intersection, and would like to, take over, so the joint operation.

    . Each graphics system equipped with five additional parameters control point, these additional control points, adjustable graphics state parameters.

    . Support the line and arc hybrid editing, graphics can be directly manipulated for a certain period, which can be straight lines and arcs in the freedom of conversion.

    . Full support for Undo / Redo, can be set to any multi-level Undo / Redo operation.

    . Can increase the canvas plug and play any graphics on the new property values, increase property values ​​and the new automatic support for modifying the UNDO / REDO.

    . RTF support complex text editing and direct printing of direct output.

    . Can any graphics on the canvas to move, rotate, scale, distortion, distorted, arranged so advanced operation.

    . To support a large canvas scaling.

    . Can be pushed through the mouse flat canvas.

    . Support centimeters, millimeters, feet, inches and other scale ruler.

    . Can be directly imported bmp, wmf, emf, jpeg, gif, tga, pcx, png, mng and other image files.

    . Full support clipboard can be free to copy and paste graphics.

    . Be free to adjust the arrangement of canvas graphics level.

    . Provides thumbnail preview function, and can preview the image through the rectangular box, adjust the display position of the current canvas.

    . Ocx control to provide consistent functionality for easy web deployment or any other language platform for developers call the same functions.

    . The most important is that we will rigorously tested all of these high-quality VC + + source code available to you, the source code also includes the design of the control ocx source code.

    More than 500 thousands lines "all carefully designed and rigorously tested" C/C++/.NET source codes, all complete source codes is shipped without any reservations!

    Provide more than 400 C + + extension class, more than 500 thousands lines of effective VC++ / MFC source code, more than 70 ready to use solution's source code, complete and detailed online help system and user documentation, supporting development tools designed!

    Powerful, flexible and easy to use graphical visualization of source code libraries.
    Powerful and flexible components to create a variety of charts to meet your needs. Product design specifications, it is easy to use, in just a few days can be designed according to your needs products. We provide complete support for products, download the trial.

    Ultra-versatile, such as automatic layout, multi-level collapsible subgraph, cell connection point, XML, DXF, SHP, SVG, etc., can help you quickly create complex and flexible chart. Supports a number of events: such as click, double click, hover, select, rubber band select, copy, delete, resize and move the support. Support the most complex operations: such as drag and drop, unlimited undo / redo and clipboard operations and so on.

    Save time and money to obtain reliability.
    A picture is worth a thousand words, E-XD++ offer more than 500 thousands lines of well-designed and well-tested C/C + +/.NET source code! Development takes years, thousands of customers worldwide validation, can save you a lot of development time and money!

    Try it now!
    Do not just listen to us say it a try! Our free trial includes all you need to prototype your application. Free technical support.

    The official version of the E-XD++ component library visual graphics solutions for enterprise version provides all the source code, click the button below to order from ******** :

    Contact U CanCode Software

    To buy the source code or learn more about with:

    Product Inquiry
    E-mail to (sales@U CanCode.net)
    Or call us at: +86-28-8535-4545
    Fax us at: +86-28-8535-4645
    Technical support online with msn messager: U CanCode@hotmail.com
    Download a trial solution

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    Re: E-XD++ Real Time Graphics Visualization component library for C/C++, .NET 2014

    If you want to use more professional HMI / SCADA features, please take a look with:

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