VB6 getprivateprofle string problem
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Thread: VB6 getprivateprofle string problem

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    VB6 getprivateprofle string problem

    I was wondering what I am i doing incorrectly in the following code to retrieve a connection string from an .ini file. I keep getting a blank string.
    I have my API declared in my global mod.

    'Get DB Loaction from INI file

    Dim strDBConnect As String
    sSection$ = "DB1"
    sEntry$ = "DATABASECONN209"
    sDefault$ = ""
    sRetBuf$ = String$(256, 0) '256 null characters
    iLenBuf% = Len(sRetBuf$)
    sFileName$ = "c:\program files\conn.ini"
    X = GetPrivateProfileString(sSection$, sEntry$, _
    sDefault$, sRetBuf$, iLenBuf%, sFileName$)
    sValue$ = Left$(sRetBuf$, X)
    strDBConnect = sValue$ <<---Blank string, no return of connection string.

    ==========In my .ini file i have the following
    DATABASECONN209="Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=;Initial Catalog=xxx;User Id=appxxx;Password=@xxxpassword"


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    Re: VB6 getprivateprofle string problem

    There really is not much it could be,
    File not at the location, wrong filename
    Not able to access file
    Not finding a match to your area or section

    You could try adding a line after you set the filename something like
    Debug.Print "Filename =: " & Dir$(sfilename)
    Which should show you the filename if it is there else DIR$() will return an empty string

    I'm not sure if the INI read routine would have an issue with spaces or tabs on the section name or not but you may want to check to make sure that there are no trailing spaces and/or tabs there, if there are that could possibly be the problem.
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    Re: VB6 getprivateprofle string problem

    Not a good idea to keep the info in an INI file. It's pure text

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