Hey all I have this company that has a web service that I can link up to. Problem is that the soap xml structure has a root and then has a node.

The XML looks like this:
            <Height>5 5'</Height>
The VB.net code I have for this is:
        Dim Service As New wsService.theService
        Dim Request As New wsService.Requests
        Dim RequestNode As New wsService.Request

        Dim RequestResponse As New wsService.Responses
        Dim RequestResponseNode As New wsService.Response

        Request.ID= "8799"
        Request.Password= "xxxxxxxx"
        Request.Date= "05/4/2011"

        RequestNode.Request= "Bob"
        RequestNode.Age= "44"
        RequestNode.Height= "5 5'"

        RequestResponse = wsService.GetData(Request)
I'm not sure how I can get both the ROOT and the NODE to send. Currently above the code is just sending whats in Request and not also RequestNode.

Any help to figure out how to use this Node for the WS call would be great!