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    when i send mail with logo as signature at Outlook 2007
    by next code
    the photo not send at mail

    please inform me what the error in code to send photo at mail

    check attached file for final form of mail

    PHP Code:
         With Text10 
    .SelStart Len(.Text
                End With 
    .SetData Image1.Picture 
                    SendMessage Text10
    .hwndWM_PASTE0&, 0
    Dim TextImag As String 
                Dim objOutlook As Object 
                Dim objOutlookMsg As Object 
                Set objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") 
                Set objOutlookMsg = objOutlook.CreateItem(0) 
                With objOutlookMsg 
                .To = MechanicalSection.Text 
                .CC = TIssuedEmail.Text 
    .BCC TAdministration.Text 
    '.Subject = " RRS #   " & TRRS.Text & "   Now Status Was Changed To    " & TMaintenanceSatus.Text & "  -  Approved By :  " & TApproval.Text & "   @    " & TApprovalDate.Text & " " 
                .Subject = " RRS #   " & TRRS.Text & "       " & Tworkpurpose.Text & "    -    Created by :  " & TRequestedby.Text & " Fully Approved" 
                .Body = "This is the body of message" 
                .Body = Text10.Text 
                 .Send '
    Letīs go
    Set objOutlookMsg Nothing 
                Set objOutlook 
                End With 
    have a rich textbox and i rename it text10.

    i export on it some data from database as manager department request

    and i send all this data to outlook mail - its work very well.

    but i need to add the attached logo to send as signature to mail outlook.

    as attached photo it show the mail text and logo at end of mail.

    many thanks
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