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    [Question] MVC and MongoDB

    Hello everyone,

    I apologise for being that guy that makes his first post in a forum asking a question rather than contributing to the community initially.

    I'm currently doing work experience and my expertise lies in application development through a video game sort of environment, such as artificial intelligence, physics, collision detection and video game logic in general.

    I have been tasked to create a database using MongoDB in C# using MVC API. The database is supposed to take in the message of the email, type of email, date & time and of course the ID entry. I have downloaded the DLLs necessary to make MongoDB work in an MVC4.0 environment. However, due to my lack of training (as in none) in Javascript and databases in general, let alone MongoDB (the most I've ever done was create and sort through a scoreboard in SQL).

    The real question is not how to do this, I'm sure I'll figure it out, but where do I go to learn MVC effectively, Javascript necessary to create the front end for my tests and programming for this database that I honestly never heard of until I was given this task. If anyone has any superb links or books they know that will help I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    Re: [Question] MVC and MongoDB

    I would separate the task into two areas: The asp/mvc portion and the mongodb portion.

    First, I would learn about Asp/MVC by doing some online tutorials. Search bing or google for "Asp.net mvc tutorial".

    http://www.asp.net/mvc/tutorials seems like it has several beginner tutorials.

    There is plenty to learn with Asp MVC and part of it is structuring your code into different layers. There are several
    patterns on the C# side. I've used Controller -> Model -> Repository or Controller -> Repository.

    The repository layer is what talks to data (whether is a database layer, db code, entity framework or an external

    Generally you can mock the repository layer so you can unit test from the controller down to the repository.

    I'd recommend you take this approach when learning the asp/mvc. In other words, get everything working on
    the ASP.net/MVC Razor side, the pages appearing and passing data back and forth to the controllers with a
    mocked repository and then wire up the real repository when you start learning how to hook up the mongodb.

    I don't know anything about mongodb, but I would take the same approach as ASP/MVC, search for online tutorials,
    online videos, etc.

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    Re: [Question] MVC and MongoDB

    Hi Arjay! Thank you very much for your response! I'm currently going through the MVC tutorial right now and it's proving to be a lot better than the other ones I found online before commenting on the forums. Cheers!

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