VintaSoft Ltd releases the major version 8 of its Imaging SDK for .NET, WPF and WEB, which includes brand new functionality along with lots of enhancements and improvements. The most outstanding features of the release are implemented Web Image Viewer, Web PDF Reader, ICC color management and PDF MRC compression algorithms.

Created the open architecture for image color management using ICC profiles, standard and user-defined color transforms. That functionality makes the management of image colors as easy as it has never been with support for decoding TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000 images and PDFs.

The newly developed Web Controls provides the functionality for viewing images and PDF documents in ASP.NET applications.

A special feature in v8 is the implementation of the MRC (Mixed Raster Content) compression algorithm for encoding color document images to PDF format. The PDF MRC algorithm supports 4 layers (background, image, mask, front) with the ability to configure compression settings for each layer, detects pictures on document image automatically or manually. Finally, the various PDF MRC settings to configure the compression for a particular task allow to reach the best quality-compression ratio along with smallest file size.

Image processing command set was given new HasCertainColor, FillRectangle, ColorTransformCommand, ImageSegmentation, AdvancedReplaceColor and ColorNoiseClear commands, as well as the SDK's demo set was extended with Web Imaging Demo, Web PDF Reader Demo and PDF MRC Compression Demo.

The new version of VintaSoftPDF.NET Plug-in includes expanded text search opportunities with abilities to search for text using regular expressions or by implementing user-defined text search algorithm, increased rendering performance of PDF documents with SoftMask transparency, CMYK JPEG and JPEG2000 images, optimized memory usage when working with large images, support for rendering PDF page progressively, rendering annotations of interactive forms and ICCBased color space.

VintaSoft's testing system, containing tens of thousands automated and manual tests, is specially designed for delivering the most stable versions of our Document Imaging SDK for .NET, WPF and WEB to the software components market. We have developed a large set of demo application, created the detailed user guide and reference API documentation with only one intention - to make the life of programmers easier.

Unfortunately the scopes of this article do not allow to recount all features released in version 8 of VintaSoftImaging.NET SDK. For more information please visit the product home page: