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    Re: scrolling popup menu via Page Up/Down

    subclassing" in windows terminology does not mean "derive a class from a base class (such as CWnd).
    Right you are. There is some overloading of the term, hence confusion. But the code snippet I posted is subclassing in the sense you mean, specifically the "old" (pre-common controls 6) subclassing technique, AKA replacing the window procedure as described in the MS Subclassing Controls article.

    once menu window does not process page keys, and provides no other API to be controlled with the way you need, you have no option but to accept this humbly
    I might accept it, but only due to time constraints, and definitely not humbly. Resentfully would be more like it. In my view this hiding of the menu scrolling API, which is obviously extant and useful, is just more MS obstructionism of the same type that was so resoundingly (albeit temporarily) defeated in the 2001 antitrust suit.
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