Hello everyone I've just finished an application that involves a Flash video clip in one of the forms. Everything works fine until I try and run it outside of visual studio. The form with the flash video on it will not open and I receive the error message of an underhanded error.

After debugging it in visual studio I'm receiving this message.

------ Rebuild All started: Project: ComboBuilderPro, Configuration: Debug Any CPU ------
COM Reference 'ShockwaveFlashObjects' is the interop assembly for ActiveX control 'AxShockwaveFlashObjects' but was marked to be linked by the compiler with the /link flag. This COM reference will be treated as a reference and will not be linked.
ComboBuilderPro -> C:\Users\user1\Desktop\My APPLICATION\ComboBuilderPro\ComboBuilderPro\bin\Debug\ComboBuilderPro.exe

I haven't a clue how to solve this. Ive only been learning vb a few months. I anyone could help me I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you