Hi all,

I'm new to crystal reports and with each requirement I'm becoming familiar with the tool. I have to create a report that should look like the following image. It shows the the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly report of product brand sales for a specific region.

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The Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports would come from the same stored procedure, only the start date and end dates change. But the results should be placed within a table as shown in the report.

The last one is a Quarterly sales graph coming from a different stored procedure. With all the research I did, I read that it could be achieved using a sub report.

I have few questions.
1) Is it possible to get a report that looks exactly like the image I have attached using crystal report.
2) Should I create 4 sub reports all in one main report.
3) The report will have just one common parameter, which is the region.

Any help will be appreciated. As soon as I find something, I shall certainly update it here.

Thank you very much