Hello everyone,

My name is Adam, and I am a newb in both Java and this heaven of a forum. I am currently using Pearson's Java: How To Program book to learn how to write code, but I find that a book isn't the best way for me to grasp info as I need to see things done in front of me at least at this early stage of my learning process. If you guys have suggestions for places to start please point them out. Also, while I'm at it, as a total newb I am not quite sure why I chose Java, or whether or not it is the best language for me to learn in order to achieve my goal. The reason I want to learn to code is to: a. make computer softwares for people who run small businesses and need computer software to sort things out for them, and b. create professional websites as well. I have discussed my goal with a few people in my social circle who are somewhat knowledgeable in the area but I didn't quite get why they all seem to suggest either Java or C++ for both computer software and backend programming, and php and javascript for front-end programming? Please enlighten me..

Thanks a lot!