Hello guys i spent two hours today to resolve this problem, but without success then i hope to find it here.

I have two web sites (there are the same websites but point to different folders and have different connection string ). I have a vb class that consume a webservice (then i have two identically vb class) here the file system structure


App_Code/myVbClass.vb (here i have implemented the calls to the webmethods)
App_Code/wsPublic.vb (here there the webmethods firm to webservice)

This structure (and the code) is the same for the websites but the url for the files wsdl, discomap and disco are differents . Consider that i make some test with soap ui for all the webservices and it works.

The problem is: in the first website the call to webservice works but in the second not, anybody have an idea ?

In the follow the response of webserver

server did not recognize the value of http header soapaction http //tempuri.org/GetCounters

Thank you