I'm a former chemical engineer that is now teaching engineering to high school students at a public vocational school in north Alabama. I'm helping scout for a candidate to teach a new IT program our school is offering on programming and database design. It will be a full time, regular teaching position with all of the benefits and schedule of being a regular high school teacher.

Teachers at our school work 187 days each year. We get 2 months off for summer, a week of for spring break break, another for fall break, 3 days for Thanksgiving, 2 weeks for Christmas, and the usual other school holidays. The starting salary for this position is just over $36k, with raises each year and a bump to a little over $40k after your third year. If you calculate it by the hour, it's actually quite impressive. Especially for such a rewarding position. The hours leave plenty of time for online contract work, especially in a field like this.

To meet the qualifications, you either need to be a teacher already with programming knowledge, or meet one of the following:
- Bachelor's degree with no work experience
- Associate's degree with 3 years experience
- No degree with 7 years experience

Of course, you'd be required to move to Alabama. Athens, AL to be specific (30 miles of so west of Huntsville). You'd be responsible for teaching 6 courses and given a plan to help you teach them. The first is a basic computer maintenance and troubleshooting course, followed by a semester of C++, then a semester of Java Programming, then 3 semesters of Database Design (PHP/SQL) I, II, and III.

If interested, contact me or reply to this thread with questions!