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Thread: Invoke AfxThrowMemoryException cause "Access Violation"

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    Invoke AfxThrowMemoryException cause "Access Violation"

    I want to override the operator new in a class, as follows:

    class CMyclass
    void* operator new(size_t);
    void operator delete(void*);

    void* CMyclass:perator new(size_t size)
    void *p;

    p = MemoryManager.Alloc(size); // Using customized memory manager to allocate buffer

    if (NULL == p)

    However, in debug version, whenever MemoryManager.Alloc(size) returns NULL, which means alloation fails, the AfxThrowMemoryException will cause the following exception:

    Access violation reading location 0x#######

    How to fix the problem.

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    Re: Invoke AfxThrowMemoryException cause "Access Violation"

    Do you catch somewhere the CMemoryException?

    And please, edit your post adding the Code tags around code snippets!
    Victor Nijegorodov

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    Re: Invoke AfxThrowMemoryException cause "Access Violation"

    Probably, the problem is inside MemoryManager::Alloc.
    Anyway, MFC has overloaded new operators, enough smart. So, it has no much sense to overload your own, with the risk to lead in headaches, like the one from OP.
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