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    Invoking a method of a class with template

    bool CObject<class T>::Create(LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 pDevice, T *pMesh, float fAnimSpeed)
    	if(pMesh == NULL)
    		return false;
    	m_pDevice = pDevice;
    	m_pMesh = pMesh;	
    	if(m_pMesh->GetAnimController() != NULL)
    		DWORD dwNumAnimSet = m_pMesh->GetAnimController()->GetMaxNumAnimationSets();
    In here, T can be from the class CMesh * or CSkinnedMesh *, both have signature of GetAnimController
    This maybe a flaw in my design... But I want Create to accept any kinds of meshes.
    Should I create an interface or abstract class above all of those?

    I have added an IMesh class that every derived classes has to have the needed interface.

    But since then, I have another question, I feel that it is very cumbersome to include a template argument in every class/prototype that is associated with CObject
    bool CreatePlanesFromObject(CObject *pObject, D3DXPLANE *pPlanes);
    Requires me to do this
    template<class T> bool CreatePlanesFromObject(CObject<T>* pObject, D3DXPLANE* pPlanes);
    Any ways I can omit the template argument, because it doesn't make sense to know the Mesh type in
    other classes....
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    Re: Invoking a method of a class with template

    looks like you have a somewhat awkward design. But without seeing the whole class, it's possible this is how it has to be.


    CObject just being as it is, not as a template class
    Create the function as a template FUNCTION rather than templatizing the whole class.
    you can then specialize the function for the different types of meshes. (and provide a default one if possible).

    this means you could skip potentially expensive tests like that test for GetAnimController for a mesh type that will never have one.

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