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    Help in operator << >> overloading in Library

    class VAR_EXPORT VAR
    VAR_EXPORT QDataStream &operator>>(QDataStream &p_stream, QSharedPointer<Data>& p_data)
      VAR_EXPORT QDataStream & operator<<(QDataStream &p_stream, const Data & p_data)
      VAR_EXPORT QDataStream &operator<<(QDataStream &p_stream, QSharedPointer<Data> p_data)
    		return p_stream << *p_data;
    Above compile and build ok. But when i build another library that use the above, i was shown with all errors complaining operator << and >> definition of dllimport finction not allowed

    error C2491: 'operator >>' : definition of dllimport function not allowed
    error C2491: 'operator <<' : definition of dllimport function not allowed
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    Re: Help in operator << >> overloading in Library

    You are supoosed to *declare* your functions with dll import/export in your .h), and the *define* them without dll import/export (in your cpp).
    Is your question related to IO?
    Read this C++ FAQ article at parashift by Marshall Cline. In particular points 1-6.
    It will explain how to correctly deal with IO, how to validate input, and why you shouldn't count on "while(!in.eof())". And it always makes for excellent reading.

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