Play all 4 videos at once ?!?
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Thread: Play all 4 videos at once ?!?

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    Cool Play all 4 videos at once ?!?

    Hello good people,

    I want to have a little project but need a kick start from any one of you.

    any volunteers?

    i'd like to create a form (in vb6) where 4 movies are being played simultaneously.

    flowers1.avi ,
    flowers2.avi ,
    and flowers4.avi

    I tried it once but vb6 didn't allow me to open more than 1 file.
    (rest of the video frames remained black)

    The result should be played all together (1 in each corner of the form.resized,of course)

    Your ideas are very welcome

    :- )

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    Re: Play all 4 videos at once ?!?

    How did you try to do it?
    Always use [code][/code] tags when posting code.

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