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Thread: Algorithms

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    Hey guys I'm new to Visual Basic and would find it very helpful if you guys could do this for me so I get a better understanding. You have to change these algorithms to visual basic code

    This is the first one

    1. Get price of item
    2. Get salestaxrate
    3. sales tax= price of item x sales tax rate
    4. Final price = price of item + sales tax
    5. Display final price

    And the second one

    1. get hours worked
    2. get pay rate
    3. If hours worked <= 40 then
    3. gross pay= pay rate times hours worked
    4. else
    4. gross pay = pay rate times 40 plus 1.5 times pay rate times ( hours worked minus 40)
    5. Display gross pay

    If anyone could help it would be great help.

    Thank you

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    Re: Algorithms

    Sorry, but this looks like homework. We usually do not do everything for people, as they must at least put in an effort themselves.

    The first five questions are straightforward - simple maths, so is most of the last questions.

    what have you attempted, and what are you really struggling with?

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