At first: Sorry for my english, I learned it at school and then didn't use it for more than 20 years. So please write slowly to help me understand ;-)

For the first time I got to use a webservice in my program. I have to build a dll as interface between two programs. One of them sends informations to my dll (data and a document). Then I got to use the webservice to send these informations to the other program. But in the moment I try to start, an error message is shown.

In the following line the error occurs:
Dim oWebservice As New WebserviceBWE.WS4LHDServicePortTypeClient("WS4LHDServiceHttpSoap11Endpoint")

If I use the same code in a exe all functions are doing well. But out of the dll the following errormessage occurs (the language of the message is german, so i try to translate):
There was no endpoint found with the name "WS4LHDServiceHttpSoap11Endpoint" under the contract "WebserviceBWE.WS4LHDServicePortType" in the servicemodel-clientconfiguration-section ...

As said: The configuration for both webservices is identical. Does someone have an idea how to connect to a webservice in a dll? Thanks.