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Thread: CMFCToolBar::ReplaceButton() has no effect

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    CMFCToolBar::ReplaceButton() has no effect

    actually I want to solve a quite simple thing, but I spent already the whole I am running out of ideas!

    The requested behaviour: depending on program state I want to display different buttons at the Toolbar.

    At first step, I tried to exchange a button in CMainFrame::OnCreate(...) !! It is a SDI sample

          CMFCToolBarButton     button(ID_ONLINE,IDB_GO_ONLINE,(LPCTSTR)"ONLINE");
    		int ret = m_wndToolBar.ReplaceButton(ID_ONLINE,button);
    the retcode '1' says, that button is exchanged, but nothing happened. The original button image and text from resource toolbar is still displayed.
    Hint: the IDB_GO_ONLINE ID is the ID of a bitmap resource, which I have created with same size and resolution than toobar (16x15,24 Bit)

    Could anybody help?

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    Re: CMFCToolBar::ReplaceButton() has no effect

    Did you try CMFCToolBar::AdjustLayout or CMainFrame::RecalcLayout?
    Victor Nijegorodov

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    Re: CMFCToolBar::ReplaceButton() has no effect

    I have struggled with the same issue. In my case the solution was to replace LoadToolBar with LoadToolBarEx.

    Meaning instead of
    m_wndToolBar.LoadToolBar((theApp.m_bHiColorIcons ? IDR_MAINFRAME_256 : IDR_MAINFRAME)

    CMFCToolBarInfo params;
    m_wndToolBar.LoadToolBarEx(theApp.m_bHiColorIcons ? IDR_MAINFRAME_256 : IDR_MAINFRAME, params, TRUE)

    Kind Regards

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