Looking at getting more users, feedback and code libraries out of this thread.

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LibStash is a social platform where developers can stash, download and share useful code libraries. All libraries are in binary format (so .dll and .jar) and are open source and free to use.

We just launched about a week ago (about a week ago...week ago for those of you who use Vine and get that sense of humor). We don't have very many binaries up there yet, so we are currently reaching out to developers who code in C#, C++, Java, and VB and asking them to jump on-board and begin stashing and uploading their own binaries.

The idea is that it is more "fun" than any other binary sharing platform because you can edit your profile, follow other users, and create your own Stash of binaries you like and want to reuse later. Anyone can download binaries, but you must signup in order to upload.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you all

Check it out: www.libstash.com