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Thread: ole32.lib / dll

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    ole32.lib / dll

    This is a question about ole32.dll (and .lib) although it could equally apply to other MS libraries with "32" in their name...

    I want my app to call CoCreateInstance() which (according to that MSDN article) is located in ole32.dll

    So what happens if I decide to build a 64-bit version of my app?? I took a quick look around a 64-bit system - but there was no DLL called ole64.dll as far as I could see. Is there a 64-bit version of that DLL (but still called ole32.dll)
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    Re: ole32.lib / dll

    No mater the file name. We can make a DLL named ole666.dll and that doesn't mean it's a 666-bit DLL.
    On 64-bit systems there is a 64-bit ole32.dll in System32 folder and a 32-bit ole32.dll in SysWOW64.
    Anyway you must do not care about that if use COM components/interfaces.
    CoInitializeEx does the trick for you.
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