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Thread: Help on Garbage Collection

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    Help on Garbage Collection

    Hi, Folks,

    I am writing a C# addin, which calls native C++ through CLI/C++. When I keep calling the same sequence of functions many times, the GC.GetTotalMemory keeps growing even if I call GC.Collect periodically. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Help on Garbage Collection

    C++ does not have a Garbage collector. If any of the code that you're writing is unmanaged it won't be garbage-collected even though you calll the GC manually. Make sure your C++ code cleans up after itself. If all you're doing is calling C++ code that someone else wrote and this is the case then they need to clean up their code. Personally I think GC encourages sloppy programming, particularly if your code needs to be high-performance. I do use it, but only when I'm certain that object clean-up doesn't have to be done in a timely manner.
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    Re: Help on Garbage Collection

    I'm going to wager that your C++ calls are allocating some native handles. For example, file handles. The .Net GC doesn't know about these resources. That means you have to clean them up yourself. This is why C# allows you to create finalizers in your classes, so when the GC is cleaning up your object, your code in the finalizer can clean up native resources.

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