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Thread: Spire.Presentationt supports to work with SmartArt and .PPS document

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    Thumbs up Spire.Presentationt supports to work with SmartArt and .PPS document

    Summary: New version of Spire.Presentation supports to load .pps document and save to .ppsx document. It enables developers to convert the shape objects in slide to image and convert PowerPoint documents into EMF image. It also supports to create, save, extract, and edit SmartArt.

    Hong Kong, Apr. 16, 2015--E-iceblue, your office development master, released a new version of the .NET PowerPointŪ component Spire.Presentation 2.2.22. With the hard work of our development team, Spire.Presentation newly supports to work with .pps document, SmartArt, save PowerPoint documents into EMF image and convert the shape objects in slide to image. All the requirements will be fulfilled in several lines of codes. Check the code snippet as below:

    Create, save, extract, and edit SmartArt.
    Presentation pres = new Presentation();
    Spire.Presentation.Diagrams.ISmartArt sa = pres.Slides[0].Shapes.AppendSmartArt(0, 0, 400, 400, Spire.Presentation.Diagrams.SmartArtLayoutType.BasicBlockList);
    sa.Style = Spire.Presentation.Diagrams.SmartArtStyleType.Cartoon;
    foreach (object a in sa.Nodes)
    Spire.Presentation.Diagrams.SmartArtNode node = sa.Nodes.AddNode();
    sa.Nodes[0].TextFrame.Text = "aa";
    node = sa.Nodes.AddNode();
    node.TextFrame.Text = "bb";
    node.TextFrame.TextRange.Fill.FillType = Spire.Presentation.Drawing.FillFormatType.Solid;
    node.TextFrame.TextRange.Fill.SolidColor.KnownColor = KnownColor.Red;
    sa.ColorStyle = Spire.Presentation.Diagrams.SmartArtColorType.GradientLoopAccent3;
    pres.SaveToFile("SmartArtTest1.pptx", FileFormat.Pptx2007);

    Convert the presentation slide to EMF image:

    Convert the shape objects in slide to image:
    Presentation.Slides[index].Shapes.SaveAsImage(int shapeIndex);
    Presentation.Slides[index].Shapes.SavaAsEMF(int shapeIndex, string filePath);

    If you are interested in Spire.Presentation, please download the latest version and contact us ( for one month license file to have a full evaluation on it without any limitation.

    Download Page:

    Main supported functions offered by Spire.Presentation

     Create, open, read and modify PowerPoint presentations from different sources.
     Create, access, copy, edit, delete slides from scratch and add created slides to presentations.
     Create, modify shapes like lines, rectangles, ellipses and polylines on slides.
     Manage, rotate and flip shapes.
     Add, manage animation effects to slides and shapes.
     Add, manage hyperlink to the shapes and text.
     Add, manage pictures, audio, video to the presentation slides.
     Support working with PowerPoint tables.
     Add text and handle text formatting.
     Protect and encrypt presentation slides.

    About E-iceblue

    E-iceblue Co., Ltd. is a vendor of .NET, Silverlight and WPF development components. Now has Spire.Office, Spire.Doc, Spire.XLS, Spire.PDF, Spire.Presentation, Spire.DataExport, Spire.DocViewer, Spire.PDFViewer and Spire.Barcode to enable developers to operate word, excel, PDF, PowerPoint documents and read barcode from code.
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