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Thread: CancelSynchronousIo for Windows XP

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    CancelSynchronousIo for Windows XP

    I'm writing a program that has to listen to COM port and be able to switch COM port if there's a need to do so. Currently I'm using synchronous ReadFile without timeout and if I have to change ports i use CancelSynchronousIo. Now the problem is that while this works perfectly on Windows 7, my client is using Windows XP which sadly doesn't support that function (Error: No entry-point for CancelSynchronousIo in KERNEL32.dll). Is there any other alternative to this function or any way to use it on Windows XP?
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    Re: CancelSynchronousIo for Windows XP

    Just close the file handle/port.

    You don't even need the function, if you're not waiting and thus have no pending sends/receives. Note that you typically call this function from ANOTHER thread (typically the UI thread) to cancel IO on the worker thread that does the IO.

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