VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK v8.2 Released With New OMR/Forms Processing Plug-in!

VintaSoft Ltd releases the major version 8.2 of its Imaging .NET SDK for WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET, which includes some brand new functionality along with lots of enhancements and improvements.

The most outstanding features of the release is the brand new VintaSoft Forms Processing .NET Plug-in, support for Interactive PDF forms and Digital Signatures of PDF document.

The newly developed VintaSoft Forms Processing .NET Plug-in provide the functionality allowing to define a document form template, identify a form image from known templates and align it to match its template, recognize optical marks (OMR), text and barcode fields in a form.

The new release includes broad facilities for creating interactive PDF forms from code and getting the user input from them, with the following fields supported: Push button, Text, List Box, Combo Box, Check Box, Radio Button, Signature Field, Barcode Field. It also adds the ability to sign PDF documents with digital signature, create a visual appearance of digital signature field and work with existing signatures of PDF document.

The list of web annotations for use in WebForms ASP.NET application supported by VintaSoft Annotation .NET Plug-in was extended with Highlight annotation, Referenced image annotation, Embedded image annotation, Sticky note annotation, Free text annotation, Link annotation, Polygon annotation, Freehand polygon annotation, Ruler annotation, Rulers annotation, Angle annotation, Triangle annotation, Mark annotation. Added the ability to transform line-based web annotation by the points. Web Annotation Demo now has the web property grid that allows to change the annotation properties.

VintaSoft's testing system, containing tens of thousands automated and manual tests, is specially designed for delivering the most stable versions of our Document Imaging SDK for .NET, WPF and WEB to the software components market. We have developed a large set of demo applications, created the detailed user guide and reference API documentation with only one intention - to make the life of programmers working with our SDK easier.

Unfortunately the scopes of this article do not allow to recount all features released in version 8.2 of VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK and its Plug-ins. For more information please visit the product home page: