The 2015 Build developer conference doesn't stop providing exciting news. The Microsoft development ecosystem is growing larger, with expansion on Mac and Linux, exciting news around Visual Studio 2015 and the constant growth of Azure.

The most prominent announcements are obviously by Microsoft itself. But besides Microsoft's news about Windows 10, Visual Studio Code IDE, Spartan and more, several companies that support and build around the Microsoft development platform are essential for the continued innovation.

  • Xamarin announces new mobile development capabilities
  • ProfitBricks launches .NET SDK for IaaS
  • IncrediBuild announces expanded Azure support
  • Unity announces support for Microsoft HoloLens
  • Qt announces support and compatibility with Windows 10

You can find a nice summary of the news and announcements by SDTimes in the following link:

Since I work for IncrediBuild, it won't be hard to guess what news I'm excited about. Itís very exciting to see the move into mobile and the cloud and see these moves into Mac and Linux (we have our own Linux version coming out in a few months as well!)

What do you think? What innovations do you find exiting? What announcements disappointed you?