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Thread: Anybody remember Sequiter Software's Codebase 6.5?

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    Re: Anybody remember Sequiter Software's Codebase 6.5?

    Quote Originally Posted by GBergmann View Post

    I have several applications I've developed which use Sequiter Software's Codebase 6.5 database engine. This is a DLL based system that uses FoxPro compatible files. The CD from Sequiter included full source code, enabling developers such as myself to make tweaks and recompile the DLL. Very nice.

    Sequiter appears to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Before they disappeared, they periodically released software updates. I believe their last release was version 6.5 R3.

    Does anyone know how I can obtain this latest release? I believe it was release approximately 12 years ago.

    Thanks to all!
    Sequiter, Inc., released CodeBase 6.5 to Open Source in September, 2018. My company has agreed to assist them is setting up the repository on GitHub to allow the product to be freely downloaded. They have released it under the GNU Lesser GPL v3.0 license, which allows the product to be incorporated into proprietary software provided copyright credit is given on the copyright and "About" pages. The link to the software is: https://github.com/MPSystemsServices/CodeBase-for-DBF

    My company has simultaneously released Python modules which encapsulate the complexity of CodeBase and provides easy procedural and object-based access to VFP type tables from within any Python 2.7, 3.6 and 3.7 application. That software is also Open Source under the same GNU Lesser GPL v.3.0 license. The link to that software is: https://github.com/MPSystemsServices...CodeBase-Tools

    More information is available in those two GitHub repositories. Note that at this time the Python bindings referenced above are not yet available from PyPI.org, but we are working on that.


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    Re: Anybody remember Sequiter Software's Codebase 6.5?

    Thanks for that..jimbopdx .! that looks like the source we have from them from early 2000. If anyone has the server code that would really help

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    Re: Anybody remember Sequiter Software's Codebase 6.5?

    I'm looking for someone who can help me port CodeBase to Qt Creator.

    Contact me at customersupport-at-ProgenyGenealogy.com.

    Update 12 Jul 2019: Fuggedaboutit, we just blew three weeks trying to compile it for 64-bit. The code is not ready for 64-bit, despite there being a S464BIT switch. Various 'long's become 8 bytes, pushes the dBase header records from 32 to 40 bytes. CodeBase is toast.

    Use SQLite instead.
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