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Thread: Assembly Direct Addressing Mode (Subtracting) Question

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    Assembly Direct Addressing Mode (Subtracting) Question

    I have been literally stuck on this question forever. I have no idea how to do it. Please help if you can.

    Question: Write a program direct.asm that subtracts var2 from var1, then places the result in answer. Declare all three variables in the data segment as words. Inititalize var1 as 3231H and var2 as 2217H.

    I know that I am suppose to put dw because it is 16-bit integer but it keeps giving me errors.

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    Re: Assembly Direct Addressing Mode (Subtracting) Question

    And what are these errors, and at which locations in your code? You'd best post at least a sample from your code so we can see what you have written. (Please use code tags.)

    Also, in the first place, what CPU architecture are you writing that for? Each architecture has its own assembly language, and there's dozens of them out there. And some of these even exist in a few variations...
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