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Thread: Got the .obj and .exe files. How do I reassemble the whole thing back...

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    Got the .obj and .exe files. How do I reassemble the whole thing back...

    I want to change something within the executable and reassemble the whole thing back
    into one single LE executable.
    The thing is
    1) I don't have the font files that are accessed by this program
    2) So I want to divert the font display module to my own
    3) I have the .obj files, when I disassemble them with IDA Pro, I see the symbols inside it
    3a) How do I link the address between the exe disassembly and the .obj disassembly?
    3b) Are there any alternatives I can tweak the whole set of source code, so that only the font
    display module gets diverted?
    4) When I disassemble the exe file, I notice the symbol table got destroyed.
    5) I do have the source code in C, but leave alone the font displaying library.

    What is the best way to divert the font display module to my own?
    I've lost the font files, and I don't have the third party font displaying library any more

    Thanks for helping
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    Re: Got the .obj and .exe files. How do I reassemble the whole thing back...

    IdaPro is a dissassembler that will help you make sense of what a program is doing (assuming you know assembler very well)
    but the idapro output isn't typically directly usable as input for an assembler.

    what you're asking doesn't have an easy answer. patching existing software if you don't have all of the original sources is 'problematic'. The initial go to solution would typically be to inject a DLL and hook into API calls, or patch code into the binary to hook into alternate routines. Neither of those 2 is 'obvious' to do and will take quite a bit of work just to figure out what and where you need to patch/hook into.
    This really has verry little to do with "assembly" language per se, but has everything to do with software reverse engineering and modifications, 2 topics that are sort of a gray area (as in, not to be discussed) on codeguru because it typically involves some form of software piracy and/or violating software license agreements.

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