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Thread: Doing Unit Testing

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    Doing Unit Testing

    I am making some ids for the tiles of a grid in a game.
    And I want to make a unit test module for regression testing.
    But the data sometimes differ, I want to say test, when I give the unit test an id
    it returns me with some neighbouring tiles.
    However, when I change the program, all the ids change/shift up and down,
    What are the general techniques to make test data consistent and predictable?

    Should I make sure the bottom-up approach is used, so that I test lowest layer first.
    And don't worry about it after gurranteeing it is correct.
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    Re: Doing Unit Testing

    When you say "change the program", do you mean change the code, or just the data?

    The purpose of automated tests should be to validate different use cases in an isolated environment. Each test will process some data, which must give a result that you can verify.

    So, you can prepare some data so that you already know the expected result (neighbour tiles in your case). Or if you want to test with some random/arbitrary data, you will have to compare with the result from a different algorithm that you trust will give the correct result.
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