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Thread: Binary representation of the character value

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    Post Binary representation of the character value

    We want to create a table in such a way that each character value is represented by a 6 bit binary value if i enter a character it should represent in binary.Can any one help me out in finding logic in c program.

    000001 A
    000010 B
    000100 C

    if i enter CA the binary digit as to be stored in format 000100000001

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    Re: Binary representation of the character value

    So the first step is to devise an algorithm on paper that given a character will produce the required binary representation. Once you have this working on paper then the next step is to translate this algorithm into the program. So you need to determine on paper how to convert 'C' into 000100. What does D, E etc convert into? What is the pattern. Given pen and paper, how would you convert F into the required binary etc.
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    Re: Binary representation of the character value


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    Re: Binary representation of the character value

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeevan Rudramurthy View Post
    We want to create a table
    The very first step, always and unconditionally, is clear and consistent explanation of the requirements.

    The very first step to clear and consistent explanation is identifying points that may sound ambiguous.
    The very second step is resolving the ambiguities into something straight and solid and specific. Only then you can design the feature properly.

    What does those "create a table" and "to be stored" really mean? Table on paper? Table in text file? Table in database? Table in memory? You see what I mean? There's nothing to start with until you explain yourself clear.
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    Re: Binary representation of the character value

    Does it have to follow that particular pattern? It would be relatively easy to offset and reduce ASCII a little and make that fit your scheme.
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