Kindly help me with this question:

A short design document detailing what you and why, which algorithms were used and what methods.
Working code solving the problem, and sample output for the program.
Please use Python for the implementation, unless you were asked otherwise. Please provide the complete source code. and an executable for compiled languages.

You are given two files, containing a list of movies, their plot summaries, and their genres. Each line of the file is a separate JSON object, representing one movie. Each movie object contains the fields: name, plot. genres and year. Using the file movies train.json as a training corpus, please create a program that takes arbitrary movie plots that do not appear in the training set, and guesses the genre(s) of the unknown movie, with a level of certainty. For example, given the plot "Five teens walk in to a creepy forest to be butchered by an evil psychopath" should output something like "Horror (85%), drama (20%)".
Use the file movies test.json to create a benchmark that evaluates the accuracy of your algorithm, including precision and recall measurements. The test and training json files are in the following links: