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Thread: Wrapper for C++ function to be used in C# (as dll)

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    Wrapper for C++ function to be used in C# (as dll)

    I want to use this function in my C# project:

    typedef float3 vec; 
    class OBB { 
    vec pos;vec r; vec axis[3];
    static OBB OptimalEnclosingOBB(const vec *pointArray, int numPoints);
    So I need to write a wrapper that will go something like this:

    using namespace System;
    using namespace msclr::interop;
    #if defined(__cplusplus)
    extern "C" {
        __declspec(dllexport) ??? OEOBB_Wrapper(???, int numPoints);
    #if defined(__cplusplus)
    String^ OEOBB_Wrapper(float[][], int i) {
    // some code casting float[][] to vec *pointArray   
    // RerturnValue OptimalEnclosingOBB(const vec *pointArray, int numPoints);
    // casting ReturnValue into something C# can read
    return ??;
    But I have 2 problems, The input: vec *pointArray type is not defined in C# so which type I can use instead and how do I cast it? The output: OBB class is not defined in C#, so what kind of return value my wrapper can use instead (after getting the OBB from the function)?

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    Re: Wrapper for C++ function to be used in C# (as dll)

    For pinvoke examples, take a look at the site:

    The site has plenty of examples of pinvoking to c-style dll functions.

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