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Thread: Tab Delimited Text data Read and write C#.Net

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    Tab Delimited Text data Read and write C#.Net

    I am new to C# programming and to tab delimited file, I need some help in reading a Tab Delimited text file and get a a particular column data.

    my input file will look like this

    Doc_Unit_Code Name Tax Type Project Lead In Review Is Active Modified By Modified On
    114 Deliquent Match IIU Londa Blackwell No Active SysPDRAdmin
    115 CP 2000 IIT No Active SysPDRAdmin
    116 A.G.I. Match IIR Justin McAllister No Active SysPDRAdmin
    x28Z IBT Abstracts Indiv IIT No Active SysPDRAdmin
    134 K1 IIT No Active SysPDRAdmin
    XSEA Non-Refundable Credits IIT No Active SysPDRAdmin
    145 ITU Non-Filer IIM Tos Linds No Active SysPDRAdmin
    1538 Scetionname Check1 "AMN,APT,CIG,CIT,CLL,CTA" No Active Kesa 5/4/2016 17:11

    and go on......

    my program should look for if Doc_Unit_Code exists in the text file, if exists it should look for all x28Z code and copy all the columns data with the code to a new text file
    then look for xSEA code and copy all the column data with that code to another text file.

    I appreciate any help to code this.

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    Re: Tab Delimited Text data Read and write C#.Net

    Not ready with the full answer

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