I am creating an application to record and evaluate aerobatic maneuvers using WinForms. My plan is to work with each of the forms that will eventually make up the project independently and then combine them in a single project with controls to switch between the forms. Individual forms will be complicated enough (data collection, data analysis, scoring, OpenGL display of aircraft maneuver, etc) that I'd like to work on them separately. I know how to switch between forms in a project, Formb F1=new Formb();, F1.Show();, this.Hide(); I can add as many forms as I want to a project by selecting the project and add windows form. When you do this the added form is give a unique name. However when I create a standalone project to develop the code for a particular form, the form name is always Form1. If I've read several articles on how to add this form to a project and it's not completely clear to me how to do this. In addition if I add this form to an existing form there will be two Form1 forms in the project. I have two questions:

1. What is the best way to copy an existing form into an existing project?
2. How do you get around the duplicate Form1 names for the base form in the existing project and the added form?

Thanks for any help,