Hello everyone!

I've been programming with C++ for a bit more than a year now. I already have the basic concepts of it like creating functions and multi-file projects and why is that useful. Though I am a bit clunky in OOP. Today I thought to myself that it's finally time to move onto something a bit more advanced than command line projects and I want to make a 2D game (side scroller preffered). For the last few hours I've been doing research on what would be the best E-Book to learn that and there were so many different ones. I looked through all of them and each and every single one them explains stuff in different ways. Though I noticed that they all used Visual Studio so I have just installed it (been using Dev-C++ and might still use it). Since I have zero experience in 2D game making I'd like a book with detail explanations why should something be "like that" and not "like that". What would you recommend me to read? Any help is much appreciated!