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Thread: Here Is Top 10 Java Interview Questions

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    Here Is Top 10 Java Interview Questions

    1) Why is Java termed as platform independent?
    2.What is JDK and what do you mean by JRE?
    3.List the data types supported by Java?
    4.What is static?
    5.Explain the concepts of Unboxing and Autoboxing?
    6.Explain function over loading and over riding in Java?
    7.What are constructors?
    8.How is exception handling done in Java?
    9.Explain FileInputStream and FileOutputStream?
    10.What do you mean by an abstract class?

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    Re: Here Is Top 10 Java Interview Questions

    Following are some additional core interview questions that are asked by the companies:
    1. Can you override a private or static method in Java?
    2. Does Java support multiple inheritances?
    3. What is a static method?
    4. What is OOP?
    5. What is an Object in OOP?
    6. Can you access a non-static variable in the static context?
    7. What is the difference between Errors, Unchecked Exception and Checked Exception?
    8. What is static keyword?

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