I am trying to run the following code in Visual Studio 2015 that has MASM built in to it. I am trying to link the Irvine library files to the program. However, I get like 49 of the following errors.

A2C \Irvine\SmallWin.inc(11)or specified size
A2C \Irvine\SmallWin.inc(12)or specified size
A2C \Irvine\SmallWin.inc(299)for specified size
Here is my code

ExitProcess PROTO

includelib C:\Irvine\Kernel32.Lib
includelib C:\Irvine\User32.Lib
includelib C:\Irvine\Irvine32.lib
include Irvine32.inc

str1 BYTE "This line is displayed in color",0

main PROC

	mov eax, black + (white * 16) ; black on white backgrouund
	mov ecx,4 ; loop counter

L1: call SetTextColor
	mov edx,OFFSET str1
	call WriteString
	call Crlf
	add eax,2 ; add 2 to foreground color
	loop L1

	call ExitProcess
main ENDP