I am new in this forum, i don't know if this is the right section but i need help with an assignment about sockets..

I need to make a server that offers a MUSIC QUIZ service that clients can contact. Clients receives the questions that they have to answer and the server gives them feedback. Initially, the server ask questions about
the artist / group has released the song in a specific year. Ex: Who released the song "The
greatest "in 2016? The server continues to ask questions until the client no longer wish to receive
new questions.

The server retrieves information about songs and artists from a database. We must create the table and
fill it with data. We also need to create a script that creates the database and fills it with data, so
that those who want to test your solution can get to it.

The server will "always" be up and it can interact with multiple clients simultaneously.
Server and Clients can communicate by using Sockets.

By now i was able to create a multithreaded server and have established a database connection using properties.

I need help figuring out the rest of the assignment.. much appreciated!