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    Problems after migrating from Visual Studio 2010 Dotnet 4.0 to Visual Studio 2015 and

    Problems after migrating from Visual Studio 2010 Dotnet 4.0 to Visual Studio 2015 and DotNet 4.6.1 (or 4.5)

    In a mixed environment with C ++ CLI and C # projects, the following problem results After the change to the new Studio 2015, I successfully compiled the C # and left- If I have changed the C # projects to Dotnet 4.6.1 (or 4.5) The C ++ CLI projects which need this problem with the Namspace. The error then results in each case

    11> d: \ home \ atiras \ main \ src \ nmswsclients \ clients \ NmsAPIClient.h (18): error C2871: 'NmsWsApiExtSysContracts': a namespace with this name does not exist (compiling source file NmsAPIClient.cpp)

    Is this at the project settings of the C ++ CLI project if yes at which? Or is this another problem?

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    Re: Problems after migrating from Visual Studio 2010 Dotnet 4.0 to Visual Studio 2015

    The relation between the namespace and the file and directory names in the error message suggest that the namespace is or should be defined in a part of your own project. Could you verify that it actually is defined and that its definition is visible at the point in compilation where the error occurs?

    One of the potential problems I recall from migrating projects from VS 2010 to 2015 is file paths not being correctly adapted to the new situation in the project settings. In my case that resulted in much more dramatic error messages like files not being found, but if the original VS 2010 installation, the project was created with, is still present on your system, error messages might be less obvious and look like what you get. Unfortunately, there's a whole lot of file paths to check, scattered all over the project settings. This is further complicated by the fact that incorrect file paths may be a result of incorrectly set environment variables or settings macros.

    Another potential problem worth checking might be a preprocessor variable not being set correctly, resulting in the namespace definition being skipped or changed by conditional compilation directives.
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