Logical interactive windows stations
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Thread: Logical interactive windows stations

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    Logical interactive windows stations

    I understand I can have multiple windows stations inside a session,
    But only one named winsta0 can be accepting inputs and displays.
    But can I just create a winsta0 on the fly and create all the stuff inside it,
    and change its name and give this reserved name to another windows station,
    just like a token, then when everything is initialized, when I am changing windows station,
    I just name the windows station winsta0 and the other one some other names?
    Will this work?

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    Re: Logical interactive windows stations

    [moved from Visual C++ Programming forum]
    Victor Nijegorodov

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    Re: Logical interactive windows stations

    Quote Originally Posted by luckiejacky View Post
    Will this work?
    Probably not, but you'll need to try it to be sure.

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    Re: Logical interactive windows stations

    WinSta0 object is never created by third party code. Win32 API does not provide a way for renaming it. So there is no ground for your plan. You definitely need to read MSDN more thorough. Besides, I would recommend some of Russinovich's Windows Internals book for studying in regard to bootstrap and shutdown logic. Going to save you a lot of unresponded questions here on the forum.
    Best regards,

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