Hi to everybody,

being my first post I'll include a very brief presentation.
I'm a researcher, member of the Centre for Marine Technology and Ocean Engineering of Lisbon. I'm developing a ship weather routing software in C++, using Eclipse IDE, in a Mac OSX machine. My background in in naval architecture and marine engineering, so I'm often struggling with programming.

I am looking to solutions to deal with weather data, thus netcdf and/or grib formats.
So far I'd have two option:
- using the netcdf libraries provided by unidata ucar (http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf/). I already installed them in the computer, but I have some troubles in saying Eclipse how to find the libraries.
- or using a set of python functions I already have, but I don't know how to make C++ use functions written in Python.

Of course I tried to google it before and to follow some indications I found, but with no success.
Any suggestion or help is really welcome, also about any alternative approach.

Thank you in advance!