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Thread: Determining which radio button is selected

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    Determining which radio button is selected

    I have created radio buttons at run time to select a particular file to access. The code is:

                    rb = new System.Windows.Forms.RadioButton[fileNamesSaved];
                for (int i =0; i < fileNamesSaved; i++)
                    rb[i] = new RadioButton();
                    rb[i].Text = fileNames[i];
                    rb[i].Location = new System.Drawing.Point(10, 10+i * 20);
                    rb[i].Click += new EventHandler(rb_clicked);
                test = 0;
            private void ReturnToBaseForm_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
                Form1 f1 = new BaseForm.Form1();
            private void rb_clicked(object sender, EventArgs e)
                // need something in here to get the text associated with the particular button that was clicked.
    The radio buttons are properly created and all use the rb_clicked event handler. What I want to do is to extract the text associated with the button that was clicked. If I look at sender in the debugger the text is there but I don't know how to extract it.

    I appreciate any help - have tried a number of possible way to do this but none of them worked

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    Re: Determining which radio button is selected

    Put a breakpoint on the closing bracket of the clicked handler. Start debugging and click on a radio button. When the breakpoint hits look at the sender variable and notice its type (it should be a radio button). If it is that type you just need to cast the sender variable into a radio button to access its Text property.

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