Universal file path in Java
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Thread: Universal file path in Java

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    Post Universal file path in Java

    I have created a Java program which is executing cmd.exe and that cmd.exe is running a batch file which is installing SSL certificates to java keytool.

    Now, the issue is i have specified the path of that .bat file as per my system. So, if i give that java program to anyone else it won't work because that person should not have the same file path.

    Suppose my batch file is in C:/Java/Certificates/xyz.bat but the other might have xyz.bat in D:/Test/xyz.bat.
    So, i want to know is there any provision of universal file path name in java through which it will find the xyz.bat from anywhere in the system?

    Pratik Avinash

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    Re: Universal file path in Java

    One solution might be to have the java program copy the bat file from inside the jar file to a temporary file on the PC and execute it from there and then delete it.

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