What is new in this release?

Aspose team is pleased to announce the new release of Aspose.CAD for Java 17.4.0 . This is a major product release whereby Aspose team has added support for DWG and DWF file formats. It has enhanced the DWF file format support by including support for new MLeader entity. For more about supported feature, please visit documentation article, Support for MLeader Entity. Now, users can work with DWF files and render them to images and PDF files as per requirement. For more about supported feature, please visit documentation articles, Converting DWF to Raster Image Format and DWF to PDF. This release also includes improved rendering support for DWG file format as well in terms of exporting to PDF and images. There are some important enhancements part of this release, such as Converting DWG layers to PNG image has been improved, converting DWG layers to PDF has been improved and support for DXF and DWG file formats in FileFormat enumeration are further enhanced. The main new features added in this release are listed below

- Support DWF Format
- Support MLeader Entity for DWG format
- Converting DWG to PDF format is producing error
- Add support for DXF and DWG file formats in FileFormat enumeration.
- Converting DWG layers to PDF is producing incomplete text in the resultant PDF

Overview: Aspose.CAD for Java

Aspose.CAD for Java enables developers to convert AutoCAD DWG and DXF files to PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and GIF image formats. It is a native API and does not require AutoCAD or any other software to be installed. Developers can also convert the selected layers and layouts from the AutoCAD files. The conversion to PDF and Raster images is of very high quality. Developers can also remove entities from DWG and DXF documents. It also adds support for leaderís entity for DWG format.

More about Aspose.CAD for Java

- Homepage for Aspose.CAD for Java
- Download Aspose.CAD for Java
- Online documentation of Aspose.CAD for Java

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