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Thread: Repeat records depends of value

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    Repeat records depends of value


    I use crystal reports XI

    I try with no success to repeat the detail section as many times as a value of a field.
    My dataset gives me a field with a number.... let say the number 4

    I want the detail section repeat him self 4 times with all the info i have in detail section.
    For example.
    If the detail section have had to print the info "11002 - My offer for it is"
    then I want to return 4 times the same detail with the number like
    11002 - My offer for it is 1
    11002 - My offer for it is 2
    11002 - My offer for it is 3
    11002 - My offer for it is 4

    How I can do it.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Repeat records depends of value

    You can insert multiple detail sections (right click in the gray area to the left of the Details section and choose Insert Section Below). A typical use of multiple detail sections is to allow for conditional formatting of the entire section. if you want multiple sections to be displayed depending on a value, then you must ask "what is the greatest value that could be returned?" if your field returned the number 759, would you want the details to print that many times? As long as there is a reasonable limit to the number of times you want data to repeat, you could insert multiple detail sections and use conditional suppression (Report->Section Expert) to only allow the number of detail sections to display that corresponds to your field's data.

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    Re: Repeat records depends of value

    I think the use of multple details but I can't use it cuz the greatest value could be something like 759 or 1200
    I have to think something else

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