One of my older toy development apps (ported from originally Windows Forms to WPF, but I don't think that matters) uses some bitmap resources (originally JPG and PNG files) which have been added to the application's Resources.resx file. While, in most variations I tried, it works fine on the development system, it reliably keeps failing on anything else, due to exceptions getting thrown because it tries to access the original bitmap files in the project directory of which, usually, not even the drive letter exists on the target machine.

The closest I got, I think, was XAML BitmapImage references that looked quite similar to those shown in the unanswered thread! from one and a half year ago, yet didn't work. After having tried every this and that I could think of and really running out of ideas, I'm starting to feel rather silly now... MSDN docs didn't turn out to really be helpful to me this time either.