Hello all:
I'm not certain that this is the correct forum for this question, and if not, please direct me. That being said, I'm teaching myself WPF using "Teach Yourself WPF in 24 Hours", and when I try to code the examples using XBAP the application first prompts me to save (the Save As dialog box appears). I save the app, and then navigate to the directory I saved it in and double-click to try to launch it and I keep getting the Save As dialog box.

I've tried looking up using XBAP and VS2017 (the IDE I use) but I haven't found any information (yet) that explains why this doesn't work. Does anyone know how to get this to work? Is this something peculiar to VS2017? Or perhaps there's a different way to launch a xaml browser application in VS2017? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.