gdb breakpoint for a map
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Thread: gdb breakpoint for a map

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    gdb breakpoint for a map


    Any idea, how we can put a gdb watch on a map. I am seeing that only one member is added to map.
    But somehow at final debugging I see there are two members.
    Watch comes out of scope on debugging.

    Not sure how i can proceed further, please help


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    Re: gdb breakpoint for a map

    Quote Originally Posted by pdk5 View Post
    Not sure how i can proceed further, please help
    A map (and all STL data structures really) are low level and preferably hidden inside application specific classes as implementation detail.

    With such a design it's much easier to trace accesses to an implementation data structure since all accesses to the data structure take place by way of a specific class interface and aren't strewn all over the application.

    So my advice is that you increase the abstraction level of your application. There will be fewer bugs and they will be easier to find.
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